Doukas defended their title successfully and won last night (6/05/2018) their second consecutive championship in Greece! In the 4th Final, the team from Marousi, Athens overwhelmed Panathinaikos futsal with a convincing performance 5-2, at home. Doukas defended well, got critical goals by Karavidas(2) and Kondylatos (1)in the first half and sealed off the win in the second half with two more goals by Mikelis and Konstantinou.

Panathinaikos was more aggressive throughout the game, missed more opportunities to score, and was held to just two goals, mainly due to the extraordinary performance of Doukas’ goalkeeper Zervas, who made a high-level performance. The final whistle found Doukas players and fans celebrating an unprecedented victory that sees for the first time in history the 4th team of the regular season, winning the title.


Doukas eliminated AEK (3-0) in the semifinals and Minotavros(2-1) in the quarterfinals.

See the final match in the following link